Graphics Design & Illustration

Graphics Design & Illustration

Our Graphic Design department is definitely one of our signature services at Directional Designs. Our talented designers will transform any 2D AutoCAD leasing plan into 3D realistic graphic illustrations of your property. Not only do our designers understand graphic design principles and illustration techniques, they also have a deep knowledge of Wayfinding and know how the 2 elements work together to create effective graphic Wayfinding.

We pay attention to detail and this is demonstrated in all the work we do. Each graphic map is illustrated to the viewer’s actual line of sight and particular location in the mall. In doing so, this enhances the visitor’s understanding of the Mall layout, making the navigational and experience at your Centre that much greater.

In addition to realistic 3D graphic renderings, we design the overall layout, background, tenant listing and snipe. We incorporate your Shopping Centre branding while designing a vibrant, finished Directory. The listings can be replaced inexpensively as updates are needed and you only need to change the background or map when required.

Branding & Identity

We can evolve your brand identity or devise new brand styling. Printed and digital leaflets, brochures, stationery and instructions are critical tools for providing a platform which expresses the values of an organization.

They provide the foundation for marketing, promotion and sales drives, as-well-as communicating information about an organizations location and layout.

Over the years our printed design work has evolved from developing ‘how to get here’ documents, to creating whole brand concepts which re-define organizations.

We can incorporate your existing identity into new printed and digital documents, or refresh, develop and implement new styling across your organization.


In Signscpe, we’ve got a group of specialized graphic designers that are willing to make a personalized and exceptional case that will capture your target audience’s imagination.

When you commission an illustration design, you may work with specialists in vector artwork to make the graphics and brand assets which will fit perfectly on your website, brochures, and other marketing materials.

We do not stop designing until you are 110% satisfied with the final case designs.  We’ve got the skills to bring your company’s images to life, and you’ll be able to begin developing a new, memorable brand image.

Map Design

Maps are important tools that help people navigate, understand and engage with an environment. When combined with written or verbal instructions maps provide a unique opportunity for discussion, planning, and looking retrospectively at a journey. This activity connects us to a place in a fundamental way.

We create bespoke maps specially for each organization and environment. Our maps can be designed in many different styles – from the traditional to a unique design created for a particular brand or location.

We are experienced at interpreting how people interact with their surroundings and over the years we have designed and developed maps for many prestigious and small clients.

Signage & Branding Guidelines

Our team of environmental graphic designers create custom sign designs like no others. This will include a detailed needs-analysis and wayfinding services to evaluate and establish the most effective means of informing and directing your visitors, patients, patrons and customers throughout your facility. As a turnkey sign design company, we focus on ensuring that the custom sign design system is both cost effective to produce and easy to maintain. We can also work with you and your marketing partners to make your branding efforts a success.

Our sign design team is prepared to assist you in numerous ways as you begin your next sign design project. If you are starting from the beginning and need a custom sign design, we are proud to offer sign design services in a way that is totally unique to your project requirements. We perform a site and visibility analysis, determine zoning requirements, and make recommendations for overall sign design, size, typestyles and color to communicate your message effectively. We will also specify structural supports, lighting, fastening methods and electrical requirements to ensure the long-term value of your investment.

If your sign project has already been designed, we will be diligent in review of your plans and deliver a cost proposal to complete the project as specified. However, it is not uncommon for Signscape to work closely with architects, environmental graphic designers, marketing or branding firms and offer value-engineering to assist in achieving your project goals. We also offer complete engineering sign design services and working drawings to help further define the intended result of your project.

Information Design

Complex environments present challenges to the delivery of information. Large numbers of destinations located in dense clusters can result in high levels of information. Rather than signing everything from everywhere we aim to give the user just the information they require at each specific decision point. A hierarchy is applied, progressively disclosing information as the user journeys from point of arrival to end destination.

Our aim is always o avoid overloading the user with information, which can reduce efficiency, and raise stress levels. Our strategies address the principle of ‘whole journey information’, systematically delivering coordinated information from pre-arrival instructions found on a web site, through public transport or parking information, to final destination directions.